Monday, September 3, 2012


I suspect I could've dealt with today better emotionally if I wasn't so tired from the festivities last night. I agreed to go out with a friend, which was good. However, it resulted me getting home early in the morning. Like, 4 a.m. early

I should've called my mum and stayed overnight at the 'stead, but had talked to Bill and he was going to be over around 10 to move stuff.

Anyways, Bill came, got his stuff...and afterwards, I cried.

It shocked me. I had been doing so well for this week(end) and all it entailed, and here I am. He's moved out, and I'm kind of wtf'ed about it. Shocking, really.

My neighbor has brought me some beautiful flowers. I'm going to make supper for a friend tonight, to distract me.

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  1. Josie, it really is a roller coaster of emotions, even when it's your choice and for the greater good of All Concerned. Just go with it. Eventually the roller coaster stops. Hugs.