Friday, August 31, 2012

Load off.

Today we got the red car in his name. Blue car title should be coming soon (I hope)
Got the divorce papers filled out, signed, dated, and filed. 90 day wait for Iowa. We did mark for it not to take 90 days, but I guess we'll see what happens.

It'll be in time for Christmas, basically. If you count 90 business days vs. 90 total days. Good gravy.

Bill decided to pay the dish bill and electric bill. When he gets the t.v. on Monday he'll cancel the dish, and I'll just have to take the dish box thingy out on Tuesday. (after my meeting with the insurance guy) See if it's going to be better to go with him for car/rent insurance vs. state farm.


Getting my apartment key on Monday. (Bill's copy)

He'll still visit the kitties...we'll arrange a visit on Friday or Saturdays. I told him he's still welcome to come visit Judy and Joan at the 'stead when they come back.

He was very touched with my offering of Bella Mae's ashes in his own little jar. 

He (I guess) told his family thus far, that this is a mutual decision, and to treat me as they always do. His mom, I think, is still not on board with that. He doesn't get what's up with her..he hasn't bad mouthed me or anything.
Oh well.

So 185 dollars later...waiting game...but freedom, too.


  1. Things are moving quickly!

    Don't be surprised if you do drift apart from both Bill and his family and don't remain "friends" down the road. Without children, there's really no need to keep your life enmeshed with his in any way, which will be come more evident when you (or Bill, whoever is first) has a new partner.

    Well, it is what it is.

    My parents divorced when I was 14 and in our isolated, rural community, that was just NOT done at the time. Mom became the pariah, really, though it was Dad who was verbally and emotionally abusive and who couldn't keep his pants zipped up. Most of the men in our area thought Mom would be available for them, even though they were married. Certainly coloured MY perceptions on the state of marital bliss. LOL.

  2. I think we'll just kinda do "our" thing...his sisters and I will probably always get along. In terms of Bill and what he wants, I'll just find out. He's welcome to visit the kitties on my schedule for as long as he wants to.

    However, yesterday I had a hard time knowing what to do. We were at Walmart at essentially the same time. I was talking to a family friend (without disclosing details of what was going on in my life) and saw Bill. I decided one of two ways. I'd either call him over and he would come or not come, or I'd leave it up to him to come over on his own if he wanted. He left.

    It's like...I don't know...un-dating? Awkward nervousness over what to do yet.