Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day by day

I'm taking each day at a time.
Lately feelings of sadness over how hard I worked to save something that just couldn't be saved.

Allergies are accelerated right now. That's making bike riding trickier.
I just changed out a box of cat litter-Worlds Best Multicat was far too dusty for me to tolerate anymore. I ended up inhaling some corndust and had a tickle in my throat most of last night. So I give up on that litter. Never again.

My tummy is having some unhappy feelings, so took some pepto. I'm going to be talking with my neighbor tonight after I get home from work.

I'm having some "eh"
There is a guy I'm friends with (to an extent) but I just...I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the attention right now. He's wanting to hang out, but I'm not feeling great about that idea. I feel like it's an invite now because I'm "single". I wouldn't feel so weird about it had we gone out for coffee prior to the divorce topic. I just have this feeling that if I were to go and hang out or have coffee...it's just going to lead him to think more than what I'm capable of.

Then my ex messaged me on Facebook last night. He also messaged Bill and sent him a friend request. I know he has to know about the divorce. (Esp. since my aunt Syl knows-that means all of Waukon will know.)
That gave me a jolt. I'm glad he didn't just message me, but Bill and I text about it this morning...it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And now I'm feeling more like I need to lock my door at night.

I'm hoping with my not responding to his "cute little message" and giving him what he wants...that he'll get the hint.

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  1. From one lightworker to another. I'm sensing false sense of happiness and satisfaction with your choices. Look within for happiness. Our physical realm cannot prepare thee for the joy you can experience if you love yourself and forgive yourself unconditionally. What you see on the surface is all there is. Look for deeper meaning and seek to give yourself fully unto your gifts. It is less about backrubs and the shallow imperfection of a male/female relationship, and more about it being time for you to stand on your own two feet and live, embracing all that which you have started. Look to the future. Not to the past. The choices we make in the present create our future. Peace.