Thursday, July 19, 2012

What a ride

or lack thereof. We had a strong storm come through yesterday; we didn't get a whole lot of rain-but what we did get came very fast and hard. I should've figured that trails would be messy (paved trails) but I didn't. Branches down, etc. and I went further up the trail and part of a tree was covering it. I gave up. I, for whatever reason, had not a lot of energy to muster (Allergies? Period? Both?) but made myself..and ultimately laughed at myself for how dumb of an idea it was.

I tried to take an incline. However, I shifted wrong and the chain didn't catch right stop myself from possibly making it worse I got off and walked it up the hill. Go me. Chain is fine. It's just one of those situations where shifting too high and shifting back-it could cause the chain to get screwy if you're unlucky.

I'm saving up for this bike:
The charcoal and teal colors. His name will be Captn' Johnny....and I can look like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" and go "Heeeere's Johnny!"

The kitty kids are doing very well. I ordered some litter off of Mr. Chewy. Wayfair must've gotten rid of all their Purr and Simple litter. I was too late with needing to order from them-they were out. So Blue Buffalo it is, but I'm going to try World's Best also (one bag)

I will be visiting my dad tomorrow (unless I find out somehow he's not there)...but I'm going with the hope that he is. If not...well, I'll deal with it. His 60th birthday was yesterday; but I didn't bother calling. Last I heard the phones out that way weren't working well or at all. Plus-he doesn't call me on my birthday. After my last less-than-stellar visit with him, I figure he'll just have to appreciate what he gets-because that is what I have to do.

I'm going to see about finding him a card at the Co-Op and put together some small baggies of trail mixes and mixed nuts.
I'd like to get him something different, but I don't really know him very well and he doesn't really open up or give me any ideas. The only other thing (aside from yet another package of pocket-ts) would be to get him a gift card to the gas station in town. I just do not want my gift card money to go towards cigarettes.

The kids next door, holy crap they are loud. Screeching and yelling. The dog next door also gets on my nerves. It was never properly socialized-whenever I go outside and it's out there, it comes up to the fence and barks at me. (not a friendly bark, either...barks accompanied by growling). I almost feel like I have no right to go outside! Let alone do anything outside.
Then when I came back from my short bike ride-dog did it again. However, kids were outside and they said something about a stray cat.

I have a feeling McCheeky is dead; he hasn't been around for a few months now. I wonder if he died during the first heat wave or if he fell upon some other calamity. I worry, too, that if he somehow got inside the fence area that the dog killed him. (it's not completely sealed up by the house).

I feel just unsettled...over that.

Aside from has been ok...biking has been great. I just hate when my period comes around. Might not really "do" anything, but it really makes me feel funky.

So, for the 2013 HSNEI calendar: Bella Mae, Phoebe Layne, and Figaro Newton will be making appearances in the calendar! Bill thinks Cordie doesn't get in because she looks kinda grumpy. And I guess her kitten picture makes her look like a bat.
I give up.

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  1. The bike is nice! Oh, I haven't been on a bike since I was 16, and that was more than a few decades ago. :-)

    I don't think ANY bike would make a comfortable enough seat for me at this time in my life. LOL.

    Good luck re: your biological dad. There's nothing quite like family dynamics.

    Unless it's screaming kids/neighbours and unsocialized dogs--both of which I can sympathize!

    Concats to the three fur babies for making the calendar.