Thursday, July 26, 2012

Catching up

on reading some bloggyblogs. I'm letting myself have a break from riding today....legs are achy-and letting them have a day of rest to recoup is a good thing. (I suppose). I feel so unmotivated, without my daily ride.

Nordic Fest is here in Decorah...let the crazies begin. People from all over the country, and world, come to Decorah for Nordic Fest. (Yes... Norwegians from Norway will come.) Tour bus people will flock in.
6 days of work this week....

Going to go with the neighbors down to the beer tent tomorrow (and with Bill on Saturday). Bryan was so sweet-he brought over a plate of food for me to have for supper last night. I went over and socialized with Bryan, Gaby, and Gaby's mom. I saved the food for lunch-which I ate and it was amazingly good. I was also given some basil to try and grow. Let's see how I do! I've replanted them into pots.

I've been getting a couple Sungold tomatoes and Sundrop tomatoes here and there. I hope I get more and have them ripen more consistently. Having two tomatoes to enjoy is kind of silly :P

The kitties are doing well. Cordie was being playful and cute. Figgy is a pig, and Phoebe is sleeping in the cat tree in front of the office window.
Figgy would just keep eating if I let him...which has me worried I will have a fatboy. He's too little to be a fatboy.

I finalized Cordie's birthday; so her picture will be featured on March 19th. Got Priscilla's cat Buttercup on her birthday, too.

Life is going good. I love my morning cuddle puddles with the kitties. So far they are all three sleeping with me, or 2 out of three sleeping with me (with Cordie in the cat tree in the bedroom). Figgy loves to come over after I shut the alarm off and kneed near my armpits/collar bone. Then he'll plop over. Today he put his paw on my mouth like "shhh, don't speak". Goofball.

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