Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Right now I know I've been abandoning my blog a bit. I'm having a hard time blogging when I do my morning bike ride and then deal with HSNEI stuff. I'm really enjoying my bike, and have already made plans to buy a new bike, specifically a Trek FX 2013 next year. The bike shop (well, one of the bike shops) has a yearly Spring Sale, and I'll purchase it then. I'll be keeping my Fuji-it'll be my backup bike and possibly "work bike" depending on how I like the Trek for commuting.

The kitties are doing well, however, were giving me a snub nose for their food these past several days. I ended up ordering some Natural Balance Duck/Pea and Venison/Pea for them (along with Nature's Variety Rabbit). I've been cheating...the canned formulas of Instinct are the same for cats/dogs. Caster and some other sites say they buy the larger dog cans for feeding for multiple cats, etc. so I had been doing that. However, they seem to be getting sick of lamb, duck, and venison flavors of NV. So Natural Balance it is. I can do a couple scoops of each and know that someone (or someones) will not snub the food entirely.

Cordie is currently lying on top of the box...laying claim to the rectangle.

Bill and I went to a wedding on Sat. it was fun, no one was drunk or obscene. Got some cool shots of fireworks.

This week is a 6 day work week for me, and it's also fair week, and I'm still on board for volunteering at the HSNEI fair booth....damn. I don't mean that I hate volunteering. I hate the fact I'm on 6 days and my only day off consists of more "work". And I don't always feel appreciated for what I do with HSNEI...so it's kind of like "eh."

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