Friday, June 22, 2012

So far

my morning is giving me nothing but a headache.
Last night I found out that a cat that was (to my knowledge) being fostered by a volunteer actually wasn't. That he was also adopted-money was given to the person who was caring for him (which HSNEI may or may not see)...everything was done so sloppy, and wouldn't have been had I known the full situation.
So, the cat was technically still a courtesy listing....which makes it better for a sloppy situation. Still upsets me, tho.
Then I get two cat calls...person called and said they had 4 kittens that they were raising (their mother had been hit by a car) and now they can't have them because the landlord said no cats. (so-had kittens without actually talking to the LL I assume). So, obviously they want "US" to take them. We can't.
Then an older lady called-said she had a stray (stray what?) but I assume cat...anyway. I went right to her VM box.
I'm going to be going for a bike ride...and I'll bet money they try to call me when I'm on my bike.

I went for my first trail ride on Wednesday-it was a blast! I didn't run into anyone (like, bike over them) and such. I didn't fall, wipe out, etc.
I went and bought myself some shorts with wicking and some new sports bras. If I'm going to go out-then I'm going to do it so I'm as "airy" as possible. I'm not really "comfortable" going out looking like a "biker babe" but....well, what do you do? Look like a sweat puddle?

At least Bill is home today, so he can get sunscreen on my shoulder blades. I had kind of a poor job getting sunscreen on a couple spots. So I have red blotches on my back :P I tried. I get an A for effort.

Our yard is dug sidewalk will be put in, also a slab for us to park on.

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  1. I see everyone's waiting for food. :-)

    Hey, if you have the body to look like a biker babe, go for it, I say. Eventually gravity will win over on the body parts, so enjoy the "babe" phase now. Hahaha.

    I won't comment on all the cat-related stuff, just because thinking about all the poor animals that need help, and about all the stupid humans on the planet, is too depressing.

    Have a GOOD Friday.