Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Toodling along

biking is going well. I went out for a ride yesterday-going to go again this morning after I have all my post-coffee bathroom stops out of the way. :P It'll be too hot the next couple days to go riding (long distances). Friday I'll be busy, and Saturday I'll be busy.
I'll admit, going earlier (before 11) I dislike so many people out walking or on the trail, etc. Oh well. Go figure. I mentioned on FB it would be good for walkers and bikers to have jousting sticks...being a "biker" now...I see bikers who aren't really great with announcing their presence or moving over in a timely fashion. Walkers are the same way. (some of them)
I guess you can't win...there will always be "bad" drivers, bikers, and walkers.

Yesterday Figgy showed signs of being mildly constipated. Then I freaked because I couldn't remember the last time I saw an "on top" poop. (he doesn't really bury his poop).
Coconut oil and pumpkin-I came home and there was a good-sized poop lying on top of the corn litter...so I'm hoping it was him. Everyone is going to get some pumpkin added to their food for a bit.

Otherwise, things are going well in the kitty front.

I received word that my aunties are planning a visit (probably) around the 20th of October. It's been a good 3 years or so since their last visit (when it used to happen annually.) These are my mum's sisters-if I remember correctly without looking-they will be 79 and 78 respectively (Judy, Joan-actually pronounced Joann)
They are children from my grandma Gert's first marriage-my mum was an "afterthought" born when my grandma was in her 40's. :)

Anyways....my aunties are a BLAST and I was seriously getting worried that we might not be seeing them again. My aunt Joan is going to tell her daughter and son-in-law of the potential visit, so I might see them, too! It's been longer since I've seen Jane and Craig (and their kids-Henry and Tessa)...last time they were back, I was living in SC. I got to webcam with everyone, but that's not the same.

I think that's as exciting as I can get. A friend of myself and my neighbor was over with her dog-he got into my container of veggie oil under the a.c. (on a sill, below the a.c.)...my earwig trap. (sigh) I wonder if that's what has been or had tipped a few of my other containers over (dog, raccoon, who knows.). Stop making killing ugly bugs so difficult!

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