Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot day

Foxy-the neighbor dog on a pillow I made
it's hot and humid. Part of me wants to not bike to work-but then, it's kind of nice to bike to work rather than sit in a hot car for a few minutes.
I was shown how to get home by a co-worker last night. I was just going to toodle in the parking lot-he showed up after close, toodled with, and then asked me if I wanted to be shown how to get home.

Today I decided (well before work) I wanted to see about getting to work on my own (and home again)...well, the home again was going to be tonight-but I forgot my bike lock...which ruined that idea. So I *had* to bike home. I didn't realize what a work-out I got! And the weather made me a puddle of sweat. (GROSS). I have a couple baby wipes in my purse for when I get to work. I am also going to leave plenty early so I can freshen up. Also, not peddle like I have a fire under my ass. Ha!

It's kind of fun-seeing town in a different light. I'll have the one-ways figured out better being on two wheels instead of 4.


  1. Yay for biking! Okay, I haven't been on a bike in 32 years. And wouldn't dare here, the drivers are crazy. So be careful!

    Foxy certainly is enjoying your pillow!

  2. Bonus is that Decorah is a pretty big biking community. I'm going to go to the bike store on Wednesday and purchase a bell. I'm a very cautious driver-that carries over to biking. I don't want to be a pancake-a friend said pancakes are overrated!