Tuesday, June 5, 2012


absent for several days!
I'm done with my online class (yeah!) I'll say I'm glad it's over with. I learned a lot, but it's frustrating to learn so much but not actually have a way to implement it.
Not too much going on in the "cat world"...Katie adopted her two foster kitties (yay!)
I had a trip to Viroqua, WI to the rock/mineral show. I found a pin with a cat on a moon (had amber stones in it). Bill got me a pendant of a cat with stones (actually, it would look really awesome as a tattoo.) and a couple gifts for a friend of mine (and one for my mum.)
We ate at a cute diner, went to the rock/mineral store, and the food co-op. I also found a felting kit, so now I can start felting with my cat hair ^_^
Work is going ok, my allergies are kicking my ass. (I'm feeling particularly painful in the face). Bill is going to be gone all weekend (pretty much). He has a wrestling gig (he is with this group of amateur wrestlers, but might not be much longer...not sure.)
Been tinkering with my laptop, for whatever reason it didn't want to play dvds anymore. My  mum found a link to fix it...so I'm happy. Been watching Game of Thrones and not doing much else of anything.
Cordie gets her exam and rabies later this month (I'll set up an appointment when it's closer to the time.) so will be working on having her in the car with the harness/leash. It would be easier to have someone else hold her, she wants to sit on my lap and look out the window while yelling at me.
I trimmed my hair a little. My mum will probably cry on the inside.


  1. You've been busy, but mostly (it seems) in a good, productive way.

    You trimmed your hair already? It seems like you just had it buzzed off. LOL. I know, I know, the general perception is that time speeds up as we get older. :-)

  2. It was getting too long to kinda style in my punky-faux hawk style. :P I wanted to see if I could do it, too. :) My hair grows crazy-fast!