Wednesday, May 30, 2012

350 posts?

I've written 350 times now. Wow. (according to when I signed in, I was at 349)

I shouldn't be so grumpy with people whom I feel should know better. I hate saying I'm feeling a little vindictive and that I hope I have made them feel guilt.
There was a call to the HSNEI phone line that was a girl I know (I know her through her mom and step-dad being friends with Bill) and such. Anyways, I saw a post on Facebook a bit ago-she was going to ask her landlord about having a cat. This friend of hers has a cat she's been trying to "get rid of" for almost 2 years now. Anyways, the call she made to HSNEI was she had a cat, landlord doesn't allow pets, so she needs to surrender it NOW.

Are. you. serious?
You did not ASK first? You just took the cat and now you are lying in a bed of crap that you made? It's not the poor cat's fault that her friend's mother has allergies, and now this cat is in a home-but can't stay there because some numbskull took her in and found out "oopsies! no pets :D!!!!???"

I sent this girl a facebook message-I didn't want to waste my time or breath talking to her. She never sent a reply back. Subsequently posted this cat to the buy/sell lists for Allamakee and Winneshiek counties. I think she must have some friend taking this cat-according to a post on her wall. The thing that pisses me off (again) is that she complained about the cat not letting her sleep-that she wanted to "throw her out the window" so she could get some sleep.
I. have. no. sympathy.
This is a girl who keeps saying she wants a baby.
I hope she doesn't post about wanting to throw a baby out the window-because people actually care about crap like that.
(man, I am pmsing.)

The second bitch-session of my week so far is that I went to this group I joined about a year or two ago. This girl from Waukon would "rescue" animals, etc. anyways...I joined it-and a girl who had contacted me earlier this year has her cat posted; wanting to re-home it.
The cat was a courtesy listing-but a courtesy listing for an HSNEI volunteer who had taken care of this cat for about 2 years or so. She rescued her, adopted her, but has senior animals that are taking up a lot of her time-so wanted to re-list her as a courtesy listing.
Long story short-when I told her someone wanted to meet the cat-I had intentions of having said person fill out an application. The volunteer just "winged it" and let the girl take the cat, but then panicked because the girl hadn't called to update her, etc. (she had called the girl, but wasn't getting a hold of her, etc.) Eventually she did get a hold of her, and the girl said it was going well. Now said girl "doesn't have time" for this cat.

I'm sure I have her number somewhere-but that does NOT mean she'll answer the phone. I sent her a message on FB to please consider calling the volunteer and letting her have the option of taking the cat back. Said the volunteer wouldn't be upset-and it would be more fair for her to have the option of taking it back than not. We have a policy for adoptions-if it doens't work out, contact HSNEI and we'll try to make something happen.

I hope this girl is embarrassed (to say the least)...I mean, if I did that and another HSNEI volunteer saw I had listed one of MY cats on some group (rather than asking for assistance, etc.) I would be embarrassed.

I'm kind of baffled by the what-the-heck-ness that is going on this week.

Good stuff-I got a cat tree at Petsmart for a petperks sale price that was expired (they forgot to remove the sales tag).
Cat food order came-kitties have good food
Paid credit card bill
Rock/Mineral show is this weekend

FE manager forgot I put in a vacation request for both this Sat/Sun, she put me down on Sunday. I told her I could work Sunday-but would like to use those vacation hours for a different Sunday in August. (family picnic)
I looked at that 50 Shades of Gray book....not my cup of tea.

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