Sunday, June 17, 2012

Funday Sunday

The one time I can say I'm excited for Sunday.
Friday a co-worker assisted me with bike shopping; he's an avid biker-so he would be able to steer me towards something that was "Josie Friendly".
I found a used bike at one of the bike shops, and today I get to pick it up. Bill will be coming with me, and I'll be purchasing said bike, a helmet, and a lock. Also get trained with properly locking said bike.
I'm not sure I'll be able to ride all the way to work without falling sideways-but I can be upright most of the time. I'm still a little unsteady on bikes-it's been many years. But I'll get it to work and practice out in the parking lot some before I toodle home.
I went used, per the co-worker's suggestion on finding out how much I actually DO bike. The used bike was only a couple years old or so-and it was in really good shape. (The person didn't ride much-she was more of a runner). So it's basically a pretty "new" bike. And better to spend a couple hundred on a 4-500 dollar bike than spend 400 on a new bike and find I'm not really a "biker".

Sir Richard the Ironhearted

Kitty by the bike trail, congratulating me on my new wheels.

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