Sunday, May 13, 2012


I wanted to share some more pictures from the event-
good news! The farmer guy that was going to get rid of some 7 week old kittens "one way or another" found a person who took all of them to her family's farm (be it parents or grandparents, I forget.) However, that likely means that I'll get a call someday down the road "I have all these cats having kittens"

So a small break for Katie in terms of fostering.
A break for Brian and Jeni fostering cats

I'm seeing my old-lady neighbor showing someone all what was done to her yard when the house next to her was built. I'm not sure if the person is a realtor or someone interested in buying the house. I like my little old lady neighbor, but she's one of those that must've put up with a lot of crap in her time. She is very particular-she doesn't want anything done to her yard. Once she asked me if I or someone (Bill) shoveled snow into her yard-she didn't think it was us-but wanted to make sure. Gads. I like her, but sometimes I feel tip-toe-y.

Bill got frustrated yesterday, and I guess sternly told Katie, an HSNEI member/volunteer, that someone needed to come out and take over for Rachel and him. They went out after 11 or so to serve food for the busy lunch hour (and that is all it was to be for-4 people helping during that time)...but it was 2 or after when he just got so pissed he couldn't contain it. He didn't yell, but I guess when Bill is really stern-he's intimidating. I mean, he's a big 6'5" teddy bear that is normally really good natured-but he (I guess) can shock people with his seriousness. He was so upset over the fact no one came out to relieve Rachel and himself, he didn't eat. Now I realize why he was a little grumpy when I asked him to please get me my food and to watch my cat area. He made sure I knew he wasn't mad at me-and it had nothing to do with me.

It just goes to show, with how we treat volunteers or how volunteers are divvied out's a bit one-sided. I mean, I do have an "important job" and I had a specific area devoted to cats and me being there to try and encourage people to ask about fostering/adopting...I had my craft table and I also had to manage the donated pet item sale table.
I've been stuck on lunch-stand duty too....when we had the auction-it was Bill, Rachel, and myself doing the lunch stand ALL day.
Bill doesn't consider himself a "member" let alone a "real" volunteer-he comes to events and does this because he wants to, and also as something "we" can do together.
It isn't fair for volunteers to ask for help-and then basically leave it to who volunteered. People can get burnt out-and you are serving a lot of people in a short period of time-once it settles, it seems only fair for one to get a break. Just because Rachel does food service for a living-I feel she's being taken advantage of.

We need to treat volunteers better and be more fair. How else will we ever get people who want to volunteer at the shelter or volunteer for events when all they will get are the "shit jobs" ALL the time. Even if one is good at it-it's proper and respectful to let them have a break to sit down and eat, too!

Enough of my rambling.

Bill bought me a necklace/earrings set. It's big, gaudy, and cute all at the same time. The kitty kids got me a card, and Bill also had a card from Bella Mae, too.
Big shout-out to all mamma's out there....regardless if a mama to a human or animal. Regardless if you birthed, adopted, fostered, or are a step-mom. Happy Mother's Day!

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