Saturday, May 12, 2012

Best day ever!

I didn't expect it, and frankly, I had been depressed about it most of this week. The closer and closer the Spring Into Action/Pet Expo event came-the more stressed and depressed I felt.

Long story short-Meeko got adopted today!

I wanted to cry-it was the most amazing thing to have happened...and I think (and hope) it will go amazing well. Basically a family came in-their senior cat had just passed...the daughter kept saying she wanted a kitten-but once Meeko showed interest in HER...she decided she wanted Meeko! I was up front with the situation-his urinary issues, etc. and it still ended up with him going to a new home today!

I'm still in disbelief, but I'm overjoyed. If I wanted anything for Mother's Day (I am a cat "mom" even tho some do not consider that "enough")...Meeko getting a home was it. He won over the kid, the dad, and the mom in one swoop. I think it'll be great for him.

Here are some pics of today:

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  1. Awww, lucky Meeko! Fingers (and paws) crossed this family turns out to be wonderful and that it IS his forever home! :-)