Thursday, May 17, 2012


My herb "garden"
I have gotten some sleep. It took me so long to have a somewhat restful night sleep. My shoulder is starting to feel a little better today. We had our MAD sale on Tuesday. Our highest grossing day yet. Over $32,000 in sales. I came in at 2 and still ended up with the most sales-my total sales came in around 8671.35. That means I sold that amount of money worth of stuff. Which being at the register I was at-that one is the most used-people naturally gravitate to that register. It had the most sales-I had the most sales out of all the cashiers that worked that day.
I'm fast...I don't try to have the most sales. I just work as efficiently as possible.

In at 12 on Sunday for Luther commencement.

I did send an email to my FE manager explaining some of my schedule history-hoping that would at least help her in terms of understanding where I come from with some stuff. Hours, not being asked if I'm ok with stuff, etc.

I had to order food before payday for the kitties. For whatever reason they really don't care to eat the one kind of food I bought them this last time. They have eaten it before-but I guess they will only eat it once a month. It's By Nature turkey. Screw you, turkey.

The neighbors, Bill, and I are going to get together tomorrow night and grill burgers. I'm going to make macaroni salad-and we might go to a bar in town to hear some live music (bluegrass-style)

Bill and I might double-date with another couple and see a rock band (not big-name by any means...just some friends of Bill's.)

I made some earwig traps...some cat food cans, veggie oil, and tinfoil. I'm trying canola oil in one, because I've had a jug of unopened canola oil did I buy it?!

I'm trying to coordinate with a girl on kittens that Katie is willing to take in and far it's not working out well. I'm going to try getting in touch with her one more time before I go to work for the day. Good gravy.

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