Sunday, May 20, 2012


My neighbor dog, Foxy, with her pillow bed!
Whenever I have a call now that ends up stating kittens-I mentally go "oh shit."

Thus far I have been of little help to persons, not that I want to turn people away-but I ultimately have to say "we can do a courtesy listing".

We have two orange kitties in foster car, tho technically one is buff/peach.

the shelter I just left a message with called me-said I need to talk to a Pete-likely it would be fine. I REALLY hate calling shelters...larger ones would get so full so fast-but they also (I would think) have better turnover. So call and talk to this Pete fellow-call the other guy back, call the transport guy. Monday will be a busy morning.
I hope future calls aren't so dire. In terms that people can let me courtesy list them. I do not want to contribute to bogged shelters.

Kitties are sleeping, soon I will have to face the masses at work. I am ready, so ready, for a cold beer right now.

Also have listed 2 cats who are in dire need of a home. An older lady living in a low-income housing unit had kept them secret for some time. Her landlord has likely known about them (they have a 1 pet allowance-and this lady has a small dog.) she has since given this lady until Friday to find a home for them.

Good grief.

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  1. It's going to be crazy for all of you who rescue/foster/etc. right into the fall now. :-/

    No good solution, except to get more humans on board with spaying and neutering their non-humans...and while at it, spay/neuter themselves too. Just my forthright $0.02!

    The landlord really, really could have given this lady more time....