Monday, May 21, 2012


Well, it took a bit to get a hooray, and I'm not thrilled with basically finding out after calling the guy (it would've been GREAT if he had called me)...but I won't complain much-because another organization is assisting him with the mother and kittens. He's also planning on confronting or something similar, to the man who had moved and left the cat/kittens.
Good for him.
Iowa has no animal control (really)...we're very lacking with stuff like that. Basically if a person has animals on their farm and they are dying of starvation-so long as food is long as food is THERE....regardless if given or not...there is little that can be done.
Why are things so screwed up?!
We are also the second largest puppy mill state.
Go Iowa.

Figgy is being a sweetling. When I woke up this morning he was lying on me all spread out. Then he does his little stretch where he extends his little jellybean toes out, shudders a little, and flops over with this glazed look of bliss in his eyes.

I have a friend who is picking on me for not finishing a short book. It was under 200 pages, but it was a style of  writing that I could NOT get into. For a book lover like me, it's torture to finish a book I can't get into or understand. I felt lost with the plot. I didn't get who was who, how they connected, etc. So much for British Satire. I couldn't finish The Loved One.

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