Monday, May 28, 2012

Hot days

A.C. was put in while I was at work yesterday. 90 degree weather makes me melt (in a not so good way) and I am not good with humidity. Go figure...born and raised in Iowa and I can't stand the weather.

Allergies have kicked up a bit, too.

Overall things have been going well, I have a meeting with the FE manager tomorrow to talk schedule stuff. See what days I want off, or any preference on work days, etc.

Got an email from a foster volunteer-she said that a friend of her husband's is taking in 2 kittens to foster (one time deal)-so that made me think I should check the messages on the HSNEI phone line. One cat call, and it is a lady who said they have to move to town-3 cats that need to be surrendered-they are moving by the end of the week.

I guess she had been trying Craigslist and asking around town. It's depressing, she has one 10 year old cat, another that's like 5-6, and a 9 month old.
You are surrendering your 10 year old cat? What animals are you keeping? Probably a dog. I'm not trying to be bitter, but you'll be lucky to get that 10 year old cat adopted. It's likely going to get taken to a shelter and put to sleep. Go figure.
I feel so bad for that cat (well, all three of them)...but had a cat for 10 years and you're going to just get rid of it.


Going to visit my grandma's grave in Lansing...then take a detour to LaCrosse.
Rock/Mineral show this weekend....I can't wait.

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  1. I'm not going to say anything about the woman giving up her cats...Just send those poor sweeties universal Light, for their Highest Good.