Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well...some 40 dollars less I guess Figgy's ears were perfectly fine. It was mentioned to Bill that he may have food allergies. And that I should feed him (and the girls) Science Diet. (unless I found a good way to feed him on his own.

I'm sorry, but I have no interest in feeding Science Diet. I wish vets would suggest feeding something else they carry...like California Natural or Natural Balance...those are options at the clinic I go to! Frustrating.

Well, I did buy some limited ingredient food from Blue Buffalo my last LaCrosse trip, and some other grain-free varieties. I will look into seeing what else I can find. I will start coconut oil therapy with Figgy-melt some and let him lick it. From doing research early-on for trying to come up with informative pet-related articles for the Co-Op...coconut oil is supposed to help with ibd/ food intolerance issues. I will continue with the Fortiflora...

Figgy is also at 7lbs, and getting close to being a butterball (at least, that is my worry)...but he should weigh no more than 7lbs.

I just find it ironic...that food issues yet again, rear their ugly head in my house. And the fact that I stopped feeding fancy feast, and mainly fed more novel proteins...it's still an issue. I'm going to turn into one of those fanatical co-op moms who have their kids tested for allergies regularly and ultimately eat nothing but spouts and water. (I'm exaggerating...but it really seems that's very popular.)

I've never been tested, and maybe I should be...however if any allergy test came back for me being allergic to cats I'd tell them to give me drugs and leave me alone. (ha.) I know dairy is a food I have a love/hate relationship with...and I have found some gluten-free items giving me stomach issues more than not.

I'm wondering if I should get Figgy tested.

Anyways...today will be a beautiful day, and I work about all of it. Hooray.

I'm at about 315 for the Hair Challenge...so if I don't make another 300 bucks, this girl is getting a buzz cut.

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  1. At least your vet didn't charge $70-ish, which is what it is here just to get in to see one. LOL.

    Glad his ears are fine!

    I hope the food issues get sorted out. I know I went through every brand of "premium" food we had available in the first year Nicki and Derry were with me, everything gave him diarrhea. Until I figured out the common ingredient was potato. Or, if you're feeding something with veggies and fruits, which so many "high end" brands put in their foods, it could be one or some of those.

    Also, don't forget (in terms of weight) that "premium" brands fill their foods with fat rather than protein, for their $ bottom line. (According to the info I've read on catinfo.org)