Monday, March 5, 2012

Figgy is going

to see the cat doctor today. I've noticed his left ear seems to get kinda more waxy or something than the right (and he scratches his left side-neck/ear) way more than the right. I'm kind of feeling a little "ugh" because this means or how I think it means he has food sensitivities. Like, besides raw (which I know is best, but I don't really have the means to do it right now) what can I do?!
I feed grain-free, and pretty decent brands if I say so myself. I can't win. I've been giving him that medicine stuff again, because he seemed to be having an episode...(and he got VERY gassy...stools less formed...) great. So he's getting his medicine. I'm still giving the fortiflora.

If Bella Mae wanted to come back in any shape or form-why must I deal with the bathroom/stomach issues? I'm thankful there isn't any vomiting...but I'm still not doing something right. I hate puzzles.

This week is our membership drive...and it'll either go great or it will be hell. I'm sure it'll be more the latter...we were supposed to have new forms, and the availability for people to sign up online or at least get the form online and bring it in filled out. Think that happened? NO. Do you think I found out the day BEFORE the drive started? Yes.

That kinda sucks.

I spent the past few days covering for a sick cashier (and remembering keenly how it was such a pain in the ass to get my shifts covered-and no one could really help.) I hope my nice deed will omit the complaints of my having gone on vacation for awhile.

I also have realized I still haven't figured out how to keep litter from getting everywhere. I need to find that out...I'd make millions.


  1. Best of luck to Figgy, fingers and paws crossed for him. Are you sure it's food related, though? Could it be something else?

    I've been giving the boys a sprinkle of FortiFlora on their canned since last October, because Derry in particular doesn't like canned food--this has been to persuade him to eat it, to almost cut out the dry (for the urinary tract issues). But FortiFlora has animal digest and I'm not comfortable with that over the long term.

    Eagle Pack makes an inexpensive food transition supplement with probiotics -- has rice bran, the probiotics and chicken. In a seasoning-sized bottle. It's $5.99 a bottle here and I've been using that too--no animal digest, far less expensive that the FortiFlora. Of course it's got the rice bran, though.

    Could it be potato that he's having an issue with? Nicki gets loose stool with potato, so the wee bit of kibble the boys get has rice in it, but not potato and no other grain.

    And I've found that Nature's Variety Instinct has a chicken meal dry with no grain and no potato (has tapioca because it needs a binder of some sort). The pieces are too small for the boys to chew, but I've just ground some up to sprinkle on their canned in place of the FortiFlor and of the EaglePak. Neither boy has had diarrhea from those, but I sure can hear their insides gurgling and I've wondered if it's just too much probiotic. I can't take probiotics, actually. Well, not in a standard dose--I've not tried say, half a dose or less. But after a few days on probiotics myself, I was not a happy camper.

    Anyway, enough of my rambles. Hoping everything gets sorted out.

  2. I'll find out if it's yeast or maybe bacterial-it's not very build-up-y....which makes me wonder if it's something else (not yeast)

    I've been wondering about the potato...I try to not feed much dry food since Cordie gets this ocd-ish way about her when exposed to it. She would, I'm sure, gorge herself on dry if she was allowed to.

    I'll look into the NV dry, that would be easier for me to get than driving to find other foods to add to their diet. I pretty much open up one packet and sprinkle on the food in the a.m. and one packet in the p.m. I have no way, really to make one eat it and not the other :)