Thursday, March 8, 2012

Several blips

I'll start with today. Have you ever been hungry, made something, and realized it just wasn't it? I completely and utterly wasted food-simply because I just couldn't bring myself to eat what I had made myself. I ended up making myself a sandwich of leftover garlic baguette, leftover chicken, some cheese and spaghetti sauce. I wasn't thrilled with it, however it was easier to eat than what I originally made.
I'm going to try taking a hazelnut/chocolate spread sandwich to work today...or make a tortilla wrap...I hate the fact I'm spending so much on food lately. (granted, I do get stuff I nut butter spread, cheese, know....stuff I actually DO eat.)

The biggest fail was my cat food I bought in LaCrosse. I sold some cans of the chunky-style foods I purchased for 11 bucks to a co-worker/friend. Hey, any money back is better than none. Figgy's itching was not getting better, his stools were not doing well, and I couldn't bring myself to keep food around that just wasn't compatible. I did keep a couple of the pate flavors to have on hand in case of emergencies.
Last night I put in an order from a different site, I swore I read somewhere at one point they had next day delivery like I found out *today* that isn't the case. I need limited ingredient food NOW. I'm mildly pissed at myself...because I've ultimately spent a lot of money *again* on cat food. I did sign up for automatic delivery/order placing-but after my bill has been billed...I'm going to cancel it. (maybe) up-side is their foods are a couple dollars cheaper than the 'instant gratification' factor isn't there. It's nice knowing that you will get it the next day-especially if you run low. This site says 3-5 days after ordering. Soonest I'll get my food (I think) will be Monday. Maybe.

So I put in a minimum order at Wag and got some tooth gel for the kitties...We're going to try Natural Balance Duck and Pea food and stick with Nature's Variety Lamb. Wag has a limited ingredient NV kibble food I may invest in at some point-but I feel obligated to deal with the kibble I recently purchased.

I have a friend who's kitty was just diagnosed with IBD, I sent her the link to plowed through that site with Bella Mae...and I sure hope I don't have to plow through it so much with Figgy...but if I have to, I have to. At least give her some ideas on other foods to try. I guess her cat is doing well with the vet food (as expensive and crappy-ingredient-filled food it is)...but I forewarned her that if it IS really IBD she might end up having to find something else for her cat to eat. I can't even think how many different foods I tried with Bella Mae. Absolutely too many to count.

We still do not have a new Daytime Front-end Manager....Time is ticking.

Phoebe is curled up in my lap....she's such a doll.

So...landlord will probably be around tomorrow or sometime to fix the toilet. The seal to the valve is probably needing to be replaced (I hope that is all it is) that makes things mighty entertaining with my tupperware lid. (Have that under the valve to catch water)

I didn't sleep particularly well last night (or the night before)...Oh well. Saturday we have several meetings...Event meeting for the humane society, board, and then cat committee.

I might be going out with a friend tomorrow night (??) she had asked me if I would be interested in going out. We'd be driving separately. (we live in somewhat opposite directions) I shall have to get some gas in my car (just in case). I must say I hope it's just her and I hanging out....I dislike getting an invite to hang out, but find out I'm one of several. She and I haven't really had any "friend time" so it would be welcome.

And, unless I get 300 or so more dollars, I'm getting my hair buzzed on April 13th.

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