Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is just sad.


I suggest not watching the videos-unless you feel you need a self-help program to motivate one not to be a hoarder.

I'm very topsy-turvy over the whole ASPCA/PETA...some comments left on the site suggest that instead of waiting for him to completely fall-that they should've stepped in to HELP him.
However-the one video of a woman talking about what had been seen, etc. said that there had been offers in the past of people asking to take a cat to the vet or a vet suggesting euthanasia-and the man saying no-that he didn't believe in it.
So then I sit and think about the definition of "No-Kill" and what that means for some. HSNEI claims to be no-kill, however if there is a medical condition/injury/etc that would not be treatable or interfere with the quality of life. Or if the animal cannot be handled-therefor completely un-adoptable and a risk for itself and other animals/humans.

I would never be able to live with myself if I had to literally watch a cat die. Sure...Bill and I could've let Bella Mae pass on her own-but her quality of life was grossly affected. And I felt it was the best decision for her.

It just sucks because I'm not sure we would ever get the "whole story"....was he low on funds and couldn't get enough help or donations? Or did he fall off the edge and truly become a hoarder? Why would he refuse to have sick/dying animals not be euthinized?

Does PETA and ASPCA truly only "do good" when it looks good for them to do so? I know big organizations spend millions on advertising...salaries, etc. It truly sucks to think that they really do not give a rat's ass about stuff.

There are so many questions...and I'm afraid I can't be too quick to judge. It's a terrible situation, and one which I wish I could help with. (Go and care for some of the cats, help get those healthy enough to be put into shelters, etc.)

I'd like to pick that man's brain and find out what happened. What broke the camel's back?

In other news, HSNEI will have a foster failure! CiCi looks like she will be adopted by her foster family. Hooray! Another cat with a good home! And a successful adoption from HSNEI for the couple. Their first one had an accident where the cat they adopted bolted from them....it was a very negative experience from them on many sides-and I'm glad that I could provide a much happier experience for them. :)

I really hope the lady who inquired about an older cat calls me back....I'd really like to get Smokey-our 6 year old kitty, a good home. (or get fostered by someone else)...I'm feeling pressure by the two ladies who are fostering her...and it's not fair for me (since I warned them she probably wouldn't adopt out fast)...

It's frustrating...

Being back to work is a little overwhelming. There are many changes coming...our member drive is next week (the pressure will be on)...and I'm being (jokingly?) told by a fellow co-worker I'm not going on vacation ever again.
I guess she worked more hours than she would've liked....and being I'm "told" by her...that I can't go on vacation...is a little...stupid. She puts in many day off requests, she also doesn't work as many hours as I do. I friggn' deserve time off. Her cute comments are only fueling the fire in me that says "don't go on vacation...you're not worth having time off....you don't deserve time off...."

Thanks a bunch. *smooches*

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