Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So far my Hair Challenge

has raised $130.00!!! Very exciting! So I'm definitely getting a pixie cut. This is actually very awesome....It's so small-scale, but I know it's going to raise more money than the project I volunteered to sign up for. I'm a bit disappointed in how lax he has been with communicating with me. Like I'd really have to go spend $50.00 on a massage in order to talk to him. I'm not sure how great the deal would go...selling dvds for him. The unfortunate part for me is that people I'd try to sell to would've likely bought the dvd at the co-op. Plus, person spends $30.00 on the dvd and we get $8.00....I know it's a good dvd, but I can't bring myself to spend $30.00 because I really suck with committing to stuff on dvd. Best luck I've had with something like that is my exercise game for the Wii. I've done it more than any other item I've purchased work-out wise.

I must say, I love the Oikos commercial where John Stamos gets a headbutt. Ha!

I guess we're getting taxes done this weekend.

Cordie is being very mischievous. Oh my poor head....

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