Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I really dislike

attempts to make me feel like an inferior human being.

I'm no more or less human than anyone else...and when you try to put your superiority upon me like it's a friggn' rainbow of does NOT impress me. It does not make me quake in does nothing more than make me feel sorry for you. The fact that you feel you really have to do that in order to make yourself look good...sound smart...and make yourself happy.

I've had my parents take that kind of attitude with me...nothing I ever did was "right"...I was picked on by my parents (mother and fathers)...I spent MANY days of my life feeling like the village idiot in the house I lived in. My step-brothers didn't help my confidence either.

I wish that you would realize when you puff your chest and stick your nose up in the air...I'm not impressed. That it actually makes me feel disgusted I'm continually surrounded by people like you. It's a learning experience that I have to take heed in every single day. I don't appreciate does NOT make me appreciate you for who you are. It doesn't make me want to listen to you...worship you...or otherwise see you as some kind of heavenly creation that is on a pedestal of awesome. Over the years...I've grown to despise that kind of treatment toward my fellow man. Towards me.

Just an FYI.


Something a little bit more positive and kitty friendly, eh?!

I had a very good sleep with Cordie last night and this early a.m....she was snuggled up to me under the covers pretty much all eve long. However, my alarm went off much earlier than I wanted. I have a split shift today, so I wanted to get up early enough to enjoy out...and get a shower in. I should smell fresh, eh?
While I was working out...Phoebe was getting very whiny and needy. I'm not sure why...if she was worried about me. It kind of sucks...I don't really get "pumped up" after a workout. I feel better...but it is a delayed effect. And I'm probably not losing weight at all. My eating (I think) sucks.

My mum is coming over on Friday...I'm still waiting for my Cat Vs. Human shirts. (Very excited!) and I guess Bill is I pretty much know I'll have to go to the Christmas party by myself.

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