Saturday, February 4, 2012


Stocked up on cold "drugs." coupons for Vicks stuff and Theraflu. I'm actually pleased with the vicks naturals honey or whatever they are, pills. I can tell, however, that they are wearing off.
I'll be trying the syrup tonight vs. Theraflu. I'm less coughy thanks to the pills...yesterday wore me out badly. I checked out the option of not working today, and ultimately I gave up because it was going to be (originally) split between 3 people, and me for 2 hours. 2 hours? How hard it is to psych yourself up to work and then to try and psych yourself up for 2 hours?
After I took the pills I called my manager back and told her that I felt I'd be fine to work either all my shift or 4 to close. So I'll be going in for 4 to close.

I guess the GM did ok my manager to go overtime if she needed to, but I'll be honest and say I was disappointed with how...unavailable a day off for me was...that I just said "fuck it." If you are not going to figure out how to have me off....then tell me to just come in and work. (effectively-suck it up) At least I'm going to be short 2 hours...I'm not going to bother using sick time...I think it would be poor taste to use it when I did come into work...I'm fine using it to leave work early as needed.

I have so much crap in my's amazing. I haven't smoked in over a year and I have terrible lungs (?) I spent a good 5 minutes in the bathroom this a.m. using the neti pot and coughing crap up.

The kitties, however, are as well as ever. Brushings were had by all, and I have some food coming for them. (Ziwipeak has a new rabbit and lamb formula for canned food...I splurged so they could try it.)

My Cat From Hell marathon...exciting!

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