Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Printing fliers

for our adoption event...watching my new color ink gradually go from full to zilch. If ink wasn't so damn expensive...I have seriously used about half of it. Somewhat depressing when you spend about 40 bucks or so on a 2pack of black/color. No way can I do 20 posters. The printer is such that if you had it to where it wouldn't print normal, the posters would look shitty.

Hercules was out and about this morning at 8:30 and has since disappeared. I am going to have to admit defeat today.

Went to the book store where we are having our first adoption event, and it will go quite well I think :) I bought myself a book as well as a book for my friend and her son. Weather is nice enough here where I have the door open so the kitty kids can get some fresh air (ahem, from the screen door that is!)

Going out for supper with a friend tonight...sushi, yumyum. Bill doesn't like sushi, so it's one of the only ways I can get some.

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