Monday, February 13, 2012

It's coming...

Lots of things happened in March...and I'm not completely dreading it, but I want to get it over with. You will see I have a collage of my current kitty kids along with Bella Mae. She's the one who inspired the blog in the first place...and she was the bringer of many firsts for me.
March is the month she got her wings, Cordie Joy's second birthday, as well as Phoebe Layne's "Gotcha Day". All within weeks of each other.
I watched some videos I took on my cellphone last night before bed. The first day I brought Phoebe Layne home, and how she would hide behind the toilet. A video of Bella Mae insisting she needed to eat the food off my plate.

Anyways...this weekend was fun only part of the time. Friday was the Co-Op Christmas party...surprisingly I got brave enough to try karaoke. I can say I sang with the GM :)
My cold is still here....I guess I have the long-standing one. I'm not very thrilled. I was having sinus discomfort Friday night...Saturday I'm back to sneezy and watery-eyes. Still as snotty as ever. (sad face)

We have a stray frequenting out stoop. McCheeky hasn't been seen for about a week. I'm wondering if his time came.

I suppose...Cordie is giving me her puppy eyes....she's being squirrely. It's snowing...shouldn't amount to much, but there is worry about it being slippery, so I best just walk to work today.


  1. The collage looks good--so does the blog redesign.

    This is how I feel about February, at least the first half, to the 16th. After that, it's okay. Small mercy, at least I'm not PMSing this week, or I'd be bawling re: Annie 24/7. So I understand how you feel!

    1. With me I think there is just too much stuff going on that I won't have time for it. Or I'm just really good at pretending :P Likely that. Big hugs to you and your time. ((hugs)) I hope you have a good amount of chocolate tomorrow!