Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'm sick. I feel like poo. Yet, I'll have to go to work today.
At least I got to rest most of yesterday...however, I know it's not enough. The sucky part is that I have stuff I want to do tomorrow (recycling, donate a bunch of crap aka clothes I don't wear anymore.)

Basically I have an upper respiratory cold thingy...sinuses, coughing, hard to breathe, and dead tired. I know that someone was feeling me out on Tuesday-if I could work a few hours yesterday. I told them that I was only there because I knew no one could cover for me...that I really shouldn't, nor did I want to, work on my day off.

I'm also frustrated because an older woman called and left a message on the HSNEI phone machine-and I am trying to call her, but she's not home. So I'm going to have to keep on friggn' calling her all damn day because she doesn't have an answering machine. If I don't get a hold of her-she'll leave another message. (I'm swearing a lot in my head...I'm sorry.)

I made a pillow bed for Sadie, a cat who needed someone to take her in. She was taken in, and has now adjusted well. Not wolfing down food, and is learning to trust humans. She's happy, she's healthy, and now has a cozy object. That makes me happy :)

I was up in time for a front end meeting...thanks to Bill. I didn't ask him to, but he made my coffee for me. He did wake me up, but it was so hard to get up. I couldn't talk very well (congestion pooled, etc.) but I did manage to get up. I'm so tired...I couldn't take a nap tho. I avoided doing my water change for my fish yesterday, today was her day. I needed to clean a litter the dishes. Shit doesn't go away when you're sick.

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  1. "Poo" is such a gross word. LOL. Even "shit" is better. :-P

    The pillow bed looks very cosy, well done.

    Hope you feel better soon!