Monday, January 30, 2012

So...Lil' Man

will forever be...Lil' Man.

His vet appointment on Friday went well. At first he was nervous and not wanting to come out, but I made him come out and held him for a second. Then I set him down, petted him, and let him decide if he wanted back up with me or not. He definitely did. "Mamma will save me!"
I've never been hugged by a cat-he hugged me, an arm on either side of my neck and put his head on my shoulder. Oh, it lasted about a second. A midst the head-butts and kisses on his head...rubbing his smell all over my chin, nose, and mouth.
Vet came in, his flirting had to end. She looked in his mouth and confirmed what I knew-it was MUCH better. He had very bad gingivitis and now it was pretty much non-existent. So I know that I need to maintain his health as much as possible (as well as the girls.) so I am going to kick myself every day I do not brush their teeth or put some kind of gel in their mouth. It's a must. Vet didn't tell me to brush their teeth ever day, but I told her I was going to.
She weighed Figgy, he is a little over 6 lbs....and she said "He's gunna be a lil' guy"
I was like, "Really?"
Vet said he has a small cranium, and he's just, overall...small. She said if I'm lucky he'll make it to 7 lbs.

I'm not going to say I was a little disappointed. I had fantasies of a larger, hunky, sexy man-cat who would be a mama's boy...but buff.
I have...a lil' man. It's ironic I have a "large" child, "medium", and now "small"
go figure!

I went over to a small gathering at my neighbor's place. It's very cute, I hate to say I like it more than ours! However, we seem to have more square footage-their side is older, so it has that charm to it.
I had fun, Bill wasn't feeling too hot. He (and I) were at an auction (which proceeds went to HSNEI) and after that, he was asleep.

My haircut appointment is scheduled for April 13th (a Friday) :)


  1. He's such a cutie, just something about those tabby boys. :-)

    I'm glad his mouth is much better!

    I'm rubbing chicken-flavoured toothpaste onto Derry's gums every day now. Used to do it sporadically, but since his appt earlier in January I've made a real effort to do it every day. Of course he doesn't like it, but I want to stave off another dental as long as possible, both for his sake (considering he has so few teeth left) and for the sake of my credit card debt.

    Both boys are about 11 pound, by the way. So small compared to Chumley, who topped out at 18 pounds at his heaviest. Even at his lightest, about 13 pounds, he was just a BIG cat. Big boned, large paws.

  2. I'm just baffled by how little he is, and will continue to be. He's smaller than average, I would say Phoebe is average...kinda Bella Mae sized...I'll say 8 pounds. But she's overall, bigger than Figgy.

    I tried the toothbrush with Phoebe and Cordie today...and it's a resounding fail. I might try the Petzlife stuff with Cordie. Her teeth are already yellowing. She's going to be 2 this year...looks like her genetics aren't up there with 'awesome teeth'.