Friday, January 13, 2012

'Tiquing round 2

I got my painting today! And I didn't know it was on sale! Wee :) I also found a little sculpture of an egg cat by a Allyson Nagel-Egg-stra's called you look her up-she does little egg-shaped sculptures. Mum got me a cute-but-ugly figurine to keep my other cute-but-ugly figurine company.

We have a lot of snow. About 5 or so inches I'm sure. Very cold temps tonight. I shoveled some this a.m. and my fingers got too cold. I either need new gloves or I need to have layers of gloves at all times. If I indeed have Raynaud's's imperative that I keep my hands/fingers warm.

Had a good day with my Mum. She enjoyed the antique store and when we got back to town I took her out to lunch at T-Bock''s a local bar/grille restaurant. We had cheeseburgers, split some fries. Very good. I didn't work out this a.m. but I did before I made pizza for supper. Now I don't have to live with the guilt.

Tomorrow are my HSNEI meetings, then after that we'll go to LaCrosse and see my aunt and uncle (and I am going to get some cat food and litter)

All in all, I should have another good day. That'll make up for my little 'oopsie' at work. I did a last call, and I didn't see her...but found out (after I shut my register down) that we had a customer. It was ok, tho, but it happened in front of two people I wish it hadn't. I say that because of their personalities, and how awkward it is to have a mistake happen in front of them. Oh well. Shit happens, I guess.


  1. Well done on your antiquing, round 2. :-)

    Forget gloves -- you need mittens. Thick, warm mitts. Really. Gloves separate your fingers (obviously) so your fingers get cold.

    We've had a blast of winter too, the past couple of days. VERY cold overnight and today and I'm not looking forward to bundling up to shovel and then run errands.

  2. I shall look into getting something more "updated" for my wee fingers. Honestly, with the problems I already have keeping my appendages's insane!

    I cannot find any info, whatsoever, about my picture. More it's like a print of some kind glued to a heavy wooden base. I can't make out the sig....and my searches turn up nothing. All I wonder is who created the print and approx. how old the original print was. :P