Monday, January 16, 2012


Good things have happened today.
I am able to help a lady get 2 cats spayed and neutered.
Gof goes to his new home tomorrow (after his neuter)
I'm going to do a listing of kittens
I'm going to help another person courtesy list her cats (she's in a sad situation, but we'll do what we can.)
I got a call about how a person is so glad her cat went to a good home (another courtesy listing)

I had a good day in LaCrosse with my auntie, uncle, and Bill.
I bought myself a heart-shaped wreath that's made out of sticks (or something)...but that'll be for all season other than Christmas.

McCheeky's been has been productive. However, I lost a glove. Oh well.

My walk home was kept entertaining by hiccuping and having some massive side-cramps of some kind (grumpy ovary?) I wasn't very happy with that. :/

I met Katie's foster kittens yesterday...Bill better be happy we're full-up. Because Jack is really darn cute.

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