Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kittens on my lap

well...I guess Phoebe is too old to be a "kitten" however...Lil' man is still 'Lil...so that counts. He's watching me type and probably wondering if he should swat at the words or not.

I'm going in to cover a few hours for a co-worker...6 p.m. to close...yippy? I'm quite chilly, and waiting impatiently for the UPS person to deliver my cat food. Likely it'll show up after I'm at work. Snork.

So, HSNEI has been getting several cat calls this week. Thankfully I've been able to help with a couple things. One older person will be getting her two cats fixed once we receive payment. I got some kittens listed for another. One person emailed me with a very well-written listing for 2 calicos needing to be re-homed.
However...another group mis-informed someone that we had an actual spay/neuter program....and she has about 20 cats or so needing to get fixed. A vet clinic near her has a barn cat program-others likely do, it's just this person finding out where and how much.
Another person called about a very beautiful cat who has strayed to her farm...however, her dogs hate it...and she's not having any luck with anyone taking it in.

Numbers are hard....last year from January until about October we had 1-2 adoptions each month. I'm anticipating that this year will be a particularly bad kitten season. We need...need...need cats to get adopted. We do not have enough foster people for cats as is...I worry it'll get worse.

I guess, here's hoping for some adoptions.

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