Friday, December 16, 2011

Lil' Man

Totally shredded/chewed/destroyed a sparkle ball. Wow.

I seriously am not sure if something else helped-or if the Fortiflora instantly helped...but his stools are looking SO much better. I'm splitting a packet between the 3 kitters. I want to start off light-he is small...and then I can't really guarantee that one will get the right dose. And they are eating their food servings better with it. I hate to say, but Purina might've actually made something good?!??????
At least for now. I'll likely order another box of it off Amazon....I think there is a vet in town that carries it...however I'm pretty certain that if I got it off Amazon it would be less expensive.
I've also decided I'm going to go to my local vet for Figgy's neuter. HSNEI would basically pay for Figgy's neuter if I went to Postville...however...I want HSNEI to actually have that money. And with being in the winter months-you never know what the weather will do. We haven't really had snow yet-but that doesn't mean weather won't turn ugly. I'd rather be in town and not have to worry if I'll get home safely, etc. All else fails-I can call the taxi to give me a ride! (snork!)

The person who was fostering the "Stooges" kittens did manage to find Curly. (the kitten that went missing a day or so ago.) So he is going into foster care today. Thank goodness. I'm slowly starting to get myself to feel like I don't have to be so mad right now. Hard to stop being so on edge sometimes.

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