Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eye of the Tiger

I am humming that in my head while I try to not feel frustration towards my fellow man.
Several things have happened in the span of 24 hours which just completely baffle me.
1. A person I did a courtesy listing informed me last night that one of the kittens disappeared on Thursday. Then went to mention someone called her about the calico-she didn't know where she got her number from (uh, me.) and that she hasn't talked to her since because now the calico is sickly. (She will be taking her to the vet.)
I want to hang my head a little. Stuff like this needs to be communicated to me ASAP. And the fact that she couldn't tell the person interested in the kitten what was up-or at least ask ME to do so right away. Rather than having had days gone by-this person will likely be pissed and not interested.
Also, the fact that a kitten disappeared...that should've been mentioned right away. These are not reasons to NOT email or call me right away...waiting to do so is not responsible.

2. Another set of people I did a courtesy listing for-the 1st two kittens went very quickly. Curly is left-and the man is going to take the mother cat in. A foster person will have room shortly to bring the kitten in-but the problem is that the mother and kitten were let out of the house and basically disappeared for 24 or so hours. The mother came back-having already missed her vet appointment. Kitten has not come back.
I was under the assumption they would be staying in the 3 season room until a home was found for the kitten. There was a litter box and everything.
Give me a flipping break! The sad/stupid part about this is that someone was interested in the foster person's kitten (who was just adopted.) They expressed interest in Curly. So Curly would have a home...however unless the people FIND him...we'll have to tell this person 'uh, sorry, but the people we did the courtesy listing for, like, uh...let the kitten outside...and he uh, disappeared.'


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