Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kitty Crazies

Seems like when the weather gets colder, Cordie and Co. get a bit more nutz. I suppose because I can't keep the door open. Can't open windows. It gets cold! That's bad. I'll see, maybe moving the cat tree closer to the window-however, that means they are ever closer to the Christmas tree.

Still battling congestion. Bill is home, he might be home tonight (if he isn't, he left his laptop) but he is battling the hacking cold.

My cat food came, I've been trying to make the box more entertaining for Cordie. However, she seems unhappy with the box. She keeps going over to pull a coat down. I'll just let her have a coat. Good gravy.

MAD (Member Appreciation Day) was Tuesday. We had almost 32,000 in sales. I did 8,000 of sales myself. Fared ok this go-round...the stand-alone scanners really do help. I wish they weren't so disliked by someone. Otherwise if I hadn't had one, I would've been in pain. No thanks.

I keep having these really trippy dreams, they are so darn weird.

Figgy and the girls would like to say something....

Figgy-I want THESE!!! I will destroy them! It'll be fun! Drown them too! Yay! Oh and more Zanies Mice....I like the tails. They are fun to blow up. Mom? I want a little brother.

Me-....No more kitty kids. Sorry.

Figgy- MOM! That's not fair!

Me- Yes it is. Otherwise you'll be upset that you have no room at all. I can't make room for another litter box. 3 is company. You guys do a great job keeping me up lately.

Cordie- I want mom's coat.

Me- You have my coat :/

Cordie- I want another cat tree ^_^

Me- I don't know if we have room for another one :/

Phoebe- BLUE!

Me- aren't really 'Simple Cat'....I'm just teasing when I say that. :)

Phoebe-I want a heated cat bed!

Me-Would you use it?

Phoebe-I dunno.

Me-The dish receiver is pretty much a heated cat bed.....would you like anything else?

Cordie, Figgy, and Phoebe- We want the kitty kids who don't have nothing to have a good Christmas.

Me- Good kids ^_^


  1. Love the dialogue.

    Hey, you guys, because you were so altruistic there at the end, we think you deserve all...okay, some of those things you want. ;-P

    Of course, we think we deserve everything on our Santa list, even though our house doesn't have the room and the mom doesn't have the budget. LOL.

    -Nicki and Derry

  2. The Crazy Cat Mom-
    I'm seriously considering one of the severed head toys...I think they are pretty awesome in a weird 'act like a boy' sort of way. I just don't know how to make felted once it turns into a giant blob of felt-Figgy would have to live with it :(