Sunday, November 27, 2011

We're waitn' for Santa Claws!

We are totally taking over this post! Mamma can't do nuffn' 'bout it! We kitty kids have our verra first Christmas tree!
Mamma was so excited, we wanted to help (Figgy that is) but she said 'No'...that mamma. No fun! No fun at all!
Mamma said not many ornaments are going on-she doesn't want to take all of them down. It's more fun to put up than down she says.
We have stockings! Cordie gets the pretty silver one...mamma says that is for the eldest kitty. It was Bella Mae's very special indeed. The other two stockings Grandma bought last year...without knowing we'd have that little brother of ours.
(Figgy says that maybe Grandma knew, but was in denial!)

We wonders what Santa Claws will bring. Stockings full of goodness we hope!

Mamma is happy because this is her first tree since she and dad moved here. She finally decided that she missed having a little tree. She hopes we are good kitty kids and leave it alone. :)


  1. We like your tree! And how cool that you each get your own stocking. We hope Santa Claws will bring you lots of goodies. You're all behaving well, right? :-P

  2. That sure is a nice tree you got, and we love your stockings! We bet Santa Claws will bring you lots and lots of good stuff. :)