Friday, December 2, 2011


Get an older lady calling me-said her sister gave her my phone number. Said I board cats.
Actually, I do not board cats-we have a couple people who are able to foster-and they are filled up.
The one who is alright fostering kittens-they have to be under a year. A little over a year is a young cat-not a kitten. Plus, she's getting a kitten to foster shortly.

This person has 2 cats she's been housing in her garage-that she saved last summer or so. She's probably getting knee surgery-and used that as an excuse to not do a petfinder listing.

What? Because it takes time? So put your little old lady guilt trip on someone else, thank you very much. I'm not going to feel like an asshole because I'm not asking Paula to take in 2 more cats when she's already filled up. We need to get 2 particular cats out of her home and into their own homes...they are the 'problem children' of the group. Adding more to the mess would just make it more difficult.

Hard facts-we do NOT have a building. We do not have enough people willing to foster.

A courtesy listing would at least get the cats out there. You are not doing yourself or anyone any favors by trying to make me feel like a crappy individual.

Other news-
All 3 kitters were sleeping on me last night. I should try to draw a picture. Cordie was between my knees-I curled one leg around her so she would have a "bed". Phoebe was on my sternum area, and Figgy was by my neck. I was all snuggly warm....however, my lack of being able to move kinda sucked (just a little!)

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