Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm up

and have actually been up since 6 a.m.?! And not terribly upset about it, either. It's like a Christmas Miracle or something!
I've been up, made some coffee, but went back to bed and read some manga that a friend sent me. It's about a vampire who reincarnated as a cat (but who can turn human). It's quite fun.
The lady who I had a confrontation with called me yesterday-I didn't answer. She had left a message saying she'd call me back later-to not call her. Didn't happen. (chirpchirpchirp)

I came up with a flat fee policy to bring up at the next HSNEI board meeting. Basically everyone who has fostered cats has kinda done their own pricing...nothing that is consistent. We're a smaller organization, and we've honestly been undercharging.

I'm kind of excited to think I could come up with something....not saying I'm not intelligent...but to actually feel like I'm possibly accomplishing something is exciting.

1 comment:

  1. Consistent fees makes sense, Josie. Good for you. And yes, we all need to feel we're making a contribution, that we're being productive and helping!