Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I have a lil' man

sitting on my lap...like a lil' man...licking himself clean. Imagine!

Today was productive, yet unsettling. First I got a text message from a co-worker who is with her daughter for a period of time. She needed me to go check on her cat, who has been alone for 5 days. He's ok...the litter box was filthy. Her husband is out of town for work until possibly Sunday. I might swing out on Thursday, but for sure on Saturday.
I had to go to 'the store that does stuff' to get packing tape and some regular tape. I decided that the kitty kids should get their daddy a gift-so I got him a gift card that he can use for work clothes. I had purchased myself a pendant from VulvaLoveLovely...basically a tribute to my accepting myself inside and out. Not feeling ashamed of being a woman, and learning to accept myself as one. That certain things about being a woman do not make me weak, but that I should accept and find peace with them. I suffered abuse as a kid...wasn't ever really told in a loving manner about puberty and periods. My first ex also assaulted me at one point. There was a low time where all I thought I was good for was sex. That it was the only reason men paid any attention to me (if so, very few thought so!)
Plus, I love this person's work! Every piece of jewelry is a work of hand-made art. As unconventional as it is...it's still beautiful.
So that was my gift from the kitty kids ^_^

After wrapping and packaging gifts for my friends, I went to visit my dad. He was admitted to the hospital this a.m. because he had low blood sugar (diabetic) if my aunt and uncle hadn't gone down when they did, he might've been in a coma before too long.
I'm a little shaken up. I might be inching ever closer to 30, and my parents did have me in their 30's...but I'm not ready to think about losing one of them! Fact of the matter is, with my dad being diabetic, I'll probably lose him before my mum or even daddy Dave.
That sucks.

I finished gift shopping for my dads. I stocked out pet food. I felt bad for somewhat brushing off a friend of mine, but I just wasn't in the mood for company. I think he understood. I told him about my day, and that I just really needed alone time and a beer.

Next week is Christmas?!


  1. Purrs and good vibes for your dad. I don't think we can ever be ready to lose a parent, no matter what our age or theirs. Let's hope he has many more years with his family, though. :-)

    You look fantastic, btw. Right out of a fashion magazine!

    Ah, to be young and slim again....LOL.

  2. Don't pine too much! That was taken in 2006 when I got married to Bill :) I'm not quite a slim now as I was then. I guess the good part is it mostly went to my butt? (and that's my best asset!)