Saturday, December 10, 2011

Big Girl Pants

had to be put on yesterday.

Long story short we have an older lady with whom we've done courtesy listings for. She's a bit ....''crazy'' obsessively so over her cats. Seriously-more crazy than myself. Quantity, and her ideas of them.

So a person moved to the area and was interested in taking the three siblings. And unremarkable kitties (tabby, black and white, and marmalade) was pretty much a miracle! On top of it, these kitties were up for nearly 6 months or 6 month old kitties-they'd been listed for several months. This was a great thing that happened!

Our foster person that listed them did charge a small adoption fee of sorts-because vet work had been done. Then...the trouble began. The pick-up date kept getting moved, and it got to a point of where the money had been sent-and this lady wasn't relinquishing the cats.

So I was told to call this lady and tell her (yesterday) that the kittens either got adopted that day, or we'd not help her with listings anymore. Lady argued with me-saying she never tried to push the date back, etc.

Fast forward to this morning, before 9 a.m. I get a call from this old lady, balling me out. Saying the HSNEI shouldn't have gotten involved-that the kittens were adopted out too early (she said she should've kept them until they were 1 year old) and what have you. I mean, I already let this lady tell me that I'd let my mom sit and die...(sigh)
I kept my cool-I told her I've listened to her opinions, I'll respect them, but if she didn't have anything more to add, I was done. I wished her a good day-she hung up on me.

This was a whole pile of fantastic.

Bill surprised me with a spur of the moment trip to LaCrosse. He had a gift card to Menards for $100. I've NEVER paid attention to Menards. For me trips there as a kid resulted in my wandering aimlessly and rolling my eyes. (Still do.)
However, I found that Menards actually is pretty neat. (Holy crap, I'm getting old!) and I found some cute cat ornaments and 3 "Good Kitty" ornaments that you put a picture in of your cat. My little tree is looking pretty festive :) A Christmas wreath for the door....a draft stopper for the door. Batteries on sale, my febreeze refills for these little thingers I bought at "The Store That Does Stuff"...but for which they never have refills for.
We spent 150 on a lot of good stuff. So really 50 bucks and a cartload. Sweet.

Of course we stopped at Petco for my cat litter buying needs...and I got more of my Christmas shopping done. (for my Peapod and her family.)

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