Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fun never ceases.

I'm going to express frustration over the fact that I'm not being communicated well with all the ins and outs of each individual foster volunteer's procedures. Then when the treasurer contacts me-I can't fully answer her questions because of this lack.
Me=banging head on desk.

I got my foster tri-fold updated with new pictures. Little name tags made for the kitties that are coming.

Harry hadn't changed-so vet wants to do an x-ray. I said for Lizzie (when she called to make her appointment) remind that the vet has to call Scott and Carmen to give price estimates. Depending what the x-ray shows....ugh.

A cat shelter in Nashua, IA called Rustic Hollow has an amazon wishlist. I purchased a couple items for them and will also donate some of my hand-sewn Kitty Kid Kreations as well.

I'm not sleeping great. I really have no idea why....and I tried to go to bed early and just couldn't do it. Then I'm sleeping until nearly 9 a.m. (but keep in mind, I'm not actually falling asleep until after 12 a.m. or so.) This is not convenient for me. I dislike that...and how do I get out of that habit-especially when I do not feel sleepy? Then the kitties are not helping...making noise, etc. Makes me want to bang my head against something hard.

I'm annoyed. Was asked if I got an email forwarded to me-I did, but the pictures didn't show. Thankfully the volunteer sent the email back to me-pictures showed this time. However, the person I emailed has not emailed ME back. I sent another email-because there are two kittens I can't figure out if they are male or female (from the original email.) So that isn't helpful.

I don't know much else. I'm just kinda grumpy I guess. Figgy is also having potty problems that basically means no one can have kibble-and then that means Cordie won't be happy.

Work today, mini-missions tomorrow...aka errands. Saturday-adoption day and going to photograph kittens.

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  1. It's a busy, stressful time. If you can, try to carve out a few minutes for some good stretching and/or deep breathing, to center yourself. Failing that, there's always chocolate and/or alcohol. :-)