Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So many things

Ok...yesterday I got a call from the Booman's (they are fostering Harry) and they said he might have a urinary infection. So to the vet he went. I freaked out a little (because I know someone from work that had a cat who recently passed from crystal issues or something like that. Another cat had renal failure.) I have a lil' boy kitty and went 'omg, stop freaking out, Josie!'
Then I got an email from a foster volunteer-person had left a message with her. Someone they know has some kittens they are willing to house until we find a home for them.
Then another email from another person who knows a guy who has some kittens that need to be re-homed. He'll keep the mom, but the kittens need to go.
I barely had a cup and a half of coffee before I found that grounds had gotten into the pot. (hate when that happens.)
Then yesterday I came to work, the 2-4 cashier hadn't shown up.
2 foster kittens need a new foster home.

I do have some good/cool news. I found out this weekend I can get my insurance premiums reimbursed to me. So, since I hardly use much of my HRA, this is a great way I can get some of my 373 dollars back! (so I'm getting several months of insurance back. I might not be able to do every month, just depending on medical bills, etc. but as long as I do not have many-why the heck not?)
I'm finishing up my Christmas shopping (and actually getting a couple items for the kitty kids now. Small items. Sparkle pompoms and the little mice I get from the vet clinic-online tho...and 20 for 7 bucks is MUCH better price-wise.

I'm entertained, we're having some snowflakes right now. Phoebe is fascinated with them. I think she was found in the winter time last year-so I'm assuming she's seen snow. I think she might be happier to see it from inside tho. Figgy is seeing snow for his first time!

I'm trying to get in touch with another cat call this a.m.
Found out that Harry had full anal glands.
Still can't get in touch with the lady from yesterday that was passed on to me.

Now Figgy thinks I'm a giant cat toy.

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  1. Every day's an adventure in one way or another. LOL.

    Fingers and paws crossed for Harry, the other kitties and your insurance!