Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The best in people.

I've been waiting to experience this first hand since being point person for cats. It's been a LONG wait.
I finally experienced it yesterday...and a cat got herself a Christmas miracle! This cat was a de-clawed stray that showed up at someones home. This person couldn't take it in-but they had a barn where they fed it with their other barn cat. I knew the cat was thin (from what another volunteer told me) however, I didn't realize her health had taken a turn for the worse (developed an abscess).
A person was touched by this cat's story...went and got her yesterday and took her straight to the vet. Might be an older cat (definitely an adult) and likely was tossed out when they felt she was too much money for them (if she had developed medical issues.)

This person still took her, even after seeing her. I cried when I read the was so beautiful. It warms me and makes me feel very thankful that I'm actually involved with something like this. I finally got to see the best in a person.

In other news, one less day off for me. I have to go into work for a co-worker who had to take his wife to LaCrosse. They are having complications with her pregnancy. I hope with whatever happens, that she will be ok.

I'm waiting to find out from my husband if he will be off next week or not. I've come to the conclusion that Figgy has problems with his teeth. I think re-absorption issues. Something is amiss-he is past teething, but his molars aren't really showing. The gums are red-inflamed, and easy to bleed with rubbed with a q-tip. So...his snippysnip is going to be a bit more expensive than I had anticipated. I did get him on insurance-hopefully, maybe, I can get a little bit of the money spent back.
I am not worried too much. I'll be paying my credit card bill very shortly. I'll divide up the expense between my savings and my credit card if I must. I wouldn't think it would be more than 4-500. When Bella Mae got her teeth cleaned it was less than 250.

I just feel so bad for Figgy. He's had a hard-knock life! You would think Bella Mae reincarnated into a little man cat with all the problems he's been having with his tummy and now, teeth.

However, with that...I'm finding I'm becoming more and more annoyed with people. (Mainly grandparents) wanting to get a kitten for their grandchild. What am I? A Build-A-Bear workshop of kittens?
I was frank with a person who was acting as the go-between for the grandparents and myself.....
-----I can't make promises.
I'll be frank in saying that giving a live animal as a Christmas gift isn't always the best route to go when introducing a new animal to a family. If I get the application back and can do reference checks and they good-I can pass on the phone number of the person picking up the kitten to the lady that is helping her parents with them. Whomever is going to pick up the kitten will have to travel to Postville for it.

Vetting would likely NOT be able to be done-and I would say that it might be easier for the people who will be financially responsible for this kitten to go to their local vet. I cannot bill any vetting through HSNEI (at Postville) unless I have the check either in my hand or have proof from our secretary that it has been received.

This could've been done before Christmas had it been a few weeks ago. I am sorry that the original kitten fell through; however, just because it is a Christmas gift I cannot eliminate parts of protocol. My main interest is with the kitten itself...and making sure I do whatever I have to do to ensure it goes to a good home.


  1. We're so glad that poor cat has found a home, health issues and all. Yes, that was the best of human action.

    We can't believe how inexpensive dental is for you there, compared with here. Mind you, ours involved multiple extractions. In November 2009 Nicki's 8-tooth extractions ran between $500 and $600. In February 2010, Annie's 3 extractions were over $800. And in June 2010, Derry's 9 extractions cost $1255, including pre-test blood work and post-surgery blood work.

    The boys will need cleanings again at some point, probably during 2012, and I shudder at the cost. The 10% discount they offer in February during pet dental month is worthless because they jack their prices up on it first (seriously).

    Anyway, poor Figgy, we'll send him purrs!

  2. I haven't had an extraction yet-however...this will be a first. I'll put it on my credit card, (but pay part of it in cash)....and hopefully I can get some funds back from the insurance. (I hope?!)
    I feel bad for him, a lil' man like him shouldn't have to deal with crappy teeth! He's barely out of kitten-hood!