Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I am alive! My computer was being fixed by my darling mummy. Now it is back and I'm slowly getting it back to "normal" far no pictures or anything put back on.

Christmas was good, but it went by way too fast...being it was my only day off that week *not counting Tuesday* was long. And when one has 2 Christmases on the same day-it makes it a very long day.

I had a few surprises this year-I guess Bill had already purchased a gift before we had the agreement we wouldn't really buy each other anything. He also hid that gift in my underwear drawer. Somewhat embarrassed-because it does show I go through the same rotation of under-roos and socks every week. :P
The gift was a new camera-a Kodak Easy Share...and I think it is quite nifty ^_^
The last Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and a collar tag that says Mommy and on the back Love Cordie, Phoebe, and Figgy. (that was from the kiddos)

My second big surprise gift was from my daddy Steve. I have not had a wrapped box gift from him since I was a lil' kid. Seriously. It's always been cash. I got my most awesome, amazing, brightly colored, super-cool cat quilt! (Promise I will get pictures up.)

This week has been pretty crazy with work. I'm doing several 12-close shifts and my usual 2-close. I'm very tired out. Last week I was almost 3 hours overtime.

We got our Wii yesterday, managed to play some bowling and boxing. Arms hurt, but they hurt before :P Figgy's appointment is inching ever closer-tomorrow is when they will all have until 10 p.m. to eat and after that...let the chaos begin. I should, actually, pull the food up tonight. I've been decreasing the food output to "train" them into the minor change.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!


  1. Sure glad you got the computer fixed. And glad you are back to posting. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. It is so nice to meet you. Take care.

  2. Yay! We're glad your computer got fixed, and that things are getting back to normal. :)

    Sounds like it was a good Christmas. Hope your new year s filled with happiness!