Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starting to

feel a little better...but very congested yet. I think I'm draining as well-my head and stomach (ultimately) aren't happy.
Not super over-joyed to go to work today, I'm quite tired....would've liked to have stayed in bed longer than I did. Oh well!
I wish Your Cat wasn't so expensive, or had an online option. It's a magazine I'd like to see and read first before I would commit nearly 100 dollars towards it. Reviews on Amazon said it was better than any US cat magazine-which really the only one devoted to JUST cats is Cat Fancy. Feline Wellness is now a few pages on cat-related subjects in Animal Wellness. So really, unless I'm missing something, there isn't any other magazine about cats.

The kids are having a grand time chasing each other. I've had some good, quality lap-time with all 3 kiddos today...I love lap time. :)

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