Monday, November 21, 2011


is having some kitten crazies this morning.
I just found out that a new episode of Once Upon A Time is THIS Sunday-a new one didn't air yesterday. I'm sad.

Friday I got 2 hardcover books, one for my 'nephew' Wesley, and one for my 'niece' Kylee. 4 gift certificates for the older kids. I'm not getting on the toy bandwagon anymore.

I took pictures of Smokey, she's now listed on (if you type in the zip 52101) I'm sad that she's about 6 years old, not what I was thinking....that'll make it difficult to convince someone to give her a home. People will think she's almost dead. 6 isn't that old. Try telling that to people who want 'kittens'.....meh.

Friday I started to feel under the weather...draining a lot. Saturday I knew I was sick. However still made the trip to Grandma's...dropped a birthday gift off for daddy Dave, and went to LaCrosse for cat litter. I got my mum's gift purchased, both dads are now covered. I'm done. Just need to get some gifts for my friend Rebecca and another friend, Styxie.

Sunday work was long, and I have no energy. I'm ok until I walk too much. My throat hurts, my neck is tender, and I'm congested. Isn't that peachy? Oh, and my ears are all filled with fluid. At least I can say that if I can't hear you, it's not my fault? LoL!

I got the kids an early Christmas gift. It's this little dome with holes in it on top of a 'plate''s a tricky puzzle contraption that you can put food or toys in. I find it fun to watch the kids work at it. I have a treat egg, but Cordie just gives it a big whop and half the food comes out. She can't whop this. Ha!

Trying to get excited for the holiday week. Kinda hard when I'm feeling punky. Oh well.

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  1. Aw, sweet Smokey...We're sending purrs she does find a wonderful forever home, poor darling. Six isn't old at all!

    Hurrah for getting much of your shopping done! Feels great to take care of it early and avoid the December madness. :-)

    We hope you feel better soon!