Friday, November 18, 2011

Yesterday (actually Wednesday)

((my entry is a day late due to my laptop getting into a funk. Finally it was functional at about 4:15 this morning-once I confirmed...I went back to bed.))I got to meet the infamous Woo. He is my co-worker's cat....and quite a character. He has a "pet" fish named Wanda (a little stuffed fish on a string) that he moves around the house.
I had to enter the house, not make a sound, and basically sneak up on Wooster...otherwise he would run and hide. (I was delivering some cat food to my co-worker's mom).

I have opened the door (crazy, being it's in the 40's) but the sun is shining in, and the kids are all soaking it up. Plus, it's also helping to rid the apartment of the wonky fume smell that leaked over from the other side. (New floor)

McCheeky finally came by...I think with the stuff going on, he's been staying away. Today is the first day with no one doing noisy stuff next door.

I also have to dress up today since we're having a beaujolais nouveau celebration at the Co-Op. Joy. I'll be wearing a skirt. I'm going to look in my closet to find something that is 'pretty' enough to wear over my shirt. I'll be chilly otherwise. Dislike chilly.

Tomorrow I get to go and take pictures of Smokey....I'm a little nervous since I'm not great at feeling confident going to someone's home (that I don't know). It'll be fine tho. :)

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