Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lil' Man

seems to have um...leaky issues when he's deep in sleep. I smelled a poo smell and saw some peaking out of his bum. I plopped him in the litter box (thought maybe he'd just go?) but he was like 'WTF Mom!' and scampered out.
Reconciled my checkbook...and boy, he does not smell like roses. Let me tell you. Bill jokes about my tooting...he won't joke about kitten toots.
I hope it is something that will correct itself when he's a bit more 'regular' and as he gets older. I don't know if I'm ready to take on a kitty with a looser rectum. I think for safety sake, he will be put in the bathroom for my stint at work. Afternoon is nap time anyways. He won't like it, but I'd rather have it localized to a little area than a bigger area.
Too, to do laundry now means the basement will flood with laundry water. The neighbor's family did a lot of laundry-something happened to the drain after that...either way, it's plugged (and was fine before they did the onslaught of laundry) obviously they did something. (won't be life and death or anything) but I'd like to keep the flooding as minimal as possible.

(I went and got him some food mixed with pumpkin...he poo'ed. Hooray! Still leaving him in tho.)


  1. I had a lot of problems with Nicki for a long time, because he NEEDS fibre in his diet and can't eat very rich food, otherwise he does get diarrhea. He's fine now on the 1/8 cup of kibble he gets per day, plus the canned, but all the grain-free foods I tried (kibble, I mean) gave him problems. I wondered if he had a problem with the potato in them--because the grain-free dry foods have to have some sort of starch for a binder.

    So maybe it's a food issue for Figgy, something in what he's being fed.

    Just a thought!

  2. Yikes! We sure hope you get that figured out. Figgy is SO cute, by the way!

  3. Right now I'm only going to let him eat 3 foods-only canned food and those being Ziwipeak Lamb and Nature's Variety Rabbit and Lamb flavors (with pumpkin added)
    He won't be getting any Fancy Feast for some time, and he'll have the dehydrated pumpkin flakes added to his food daily :)
    He doesn't seem like he gives one way or another for kibble food...and I don't mind. I can't leave kibble out because Cordie would have it gone in a moment. She's addicted to kibble food 0.o