Thursday, October 13, 2011

I lost Cordie

this morning....and I feared someone had to have come in and stolen her from me (because, honestly, how would she get out?)
I couldn't find her anywhere! I had the closet door shut, looked under the bed...looked behind the t.v.
She had thrown up this morning, so then I went into 'omg she hid somewhere and died!?!!!!!'
Looked under the bed one more time...stood up, looked down....*boom* Cordie.
Where was she?
In the tall laundry basket by my dresser. I guess she wanted to have a nap on my shirt....

I was up at about 6 a.m. however, that was too early for me and I went back to bed. I didn't mean to stay asleep until 8:30. Oopsies.
I saw a cute, tiny man-cat poop in the litter box. And it looked like poop, not pudding. Hooray!

Taken today!
King and Queen of Norway are in Decorah I shall be walking to work today.
So I will be calling a person momentarily to see if I can come over tomorrow or Saturday and get a picture of her cat (and possibly kittens)
I admit I'm a little anxious because she told Paula if she couldn't find a place for her cat, she'd shoot it. (then after said she'd ''never do that'') head isn't the greatest yet. My ability to tolerate stupidity will not be I dunno. Hoping for the best. Basically this person got a dog, the dog doesn't like the cat-she can't discipline or train the dog because "it looks so sad" when she does.

HSNEI meeting for Saturday has been postponed, so it'll be next week. (sigh) I was looking forward to it, buuut, extra time before work won't be bad. I shall not argue!


  1. 1. Oh, I know the "OMG, s/he hid somewhere and died" feeling and thoughts only too well. And I've been known to search high and low for one of the cats, when they're right *there* all along. Somehow they manage to blend in--chameleons.

    2. Hurray for poop! Oh yeah, there's nothing quite like normal (or close to normal) litter box output to bring joy to the human servant.

    3. That woman should not have any animals at all, dog or cat.

  2. Re-woman...called a little bit ago. My head is still not all 'there' took me 4 tries to get the number right...and then when I got her husband I called her by the wrong name. >.<

    She's likely not going to call until tomorrow afternoon-and I also found out she goes to the Co-Op a I'm going to have to be on my *best* behavior and not offend her. (since she'll see me on a regular basis....damn)