Saturday, October 15, 2011

Got up early

to drive to Waukon and get oil changes in both cars. I'm not much in the mornings, especially when I've been wiped out and yucky lately.
Breakfast was ok, but not the greatest, and ultimately made my stomach sad. I think too much food (too soon).

Lil' Man is getting 'better' with his leaky a point. I still occasionally have to wipe his butt, but the stools are not 'pudding'. Just he's a bit messy when he gets out of the box. I'm not sure if he just doesn't 'get' how to go to the bathroom 'properly' yet or what the deal is.

Everyone had poop issues this morning, or at least one of the girls either forgot to finish or something. There was a poo 'chunk' on the carpet...and one in front of the box. Cordie was in the box, buring a 'treasure', whatever. No one actually pooped in the wrong spot. Just took me off guard that everyone thought leaving a partial turd here and there was my idea of fun.

Pooppooppoop....what a conversation!

I also learned last night I'm going to have to develop thick skin when it comes to taking cat calls...and that 60+% of people calling me will think I will fix everything and make it right. First off, if we do not have a home for the cat to go to (and if they aren't willing to temporarily foster) we have no where to place a cat.
Second, we can't provide vet services for every cat out of our own pockets-we can assist-but at this point we like to try and get some help from the people as often as we can.
Was not and likely is not, going to happen with my first cat call. And then the wonderful 'I have to ask my husband first' thing.

I indulged in cookies...and I didn't care.

Today, however, I get to work during Luther Homecoming...and that means way more fun than I'm going to wish for.

At least I'm using my super awesome, totally cat-lady tote....I feel pretty fabulous.

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